Dear patients,

we are regularly treating numerous elite athletes in our practice, but of course we are determined to offer treatment to all other different patients, too.
In addition to acute injuries we are treating chronic orthopedic, sportsorthopedic as well as traumatic problems.

After taking the medical history, a detailed clinical examination and, if necessary, additional imaging investigations, a precise diagnosis will be revealed.
Based on this we elaborate an individual treatment plan.

We regard it as a main priority within this process, to offer usually a side-effect free treatment to our patients using biological and homeopathic substances.

The treatment is focused on a cortisol-free therapy of acute and degenerative spine disorders, conservative treatment of sports-orthopedic and sports-medical problems, especially muscle- and tendon injuries, and also the therapy of joint-disorders or injuries.

In many cases additional physiotherapeutic treatment will be indicated. This is available in facilities directly connected to our practice. That gives us the option to always communicate the treatment and the patients´ progress with the therapists in order to provide the best treatment possible.

If necessary, specific clinical problems including surgical treatment-options will be discussed within our network of national and international leading specialists.

Yours sincerely Dres. Müller-Wohlfahrt, Hänsel, Ueblacker, Hahne