We would like to introduce you to our methods in the following abstract.


Spinal pain, along with headaches, is one of the most common pain problems. It has a high rate of chronification and significantly limits the quality of life. Chronic back pain has long been one of the most serious health problems in Germany.

In our practice, treatment is exclusively biological-homeopathic. Based on decades of experience, our complex method of treatment can successfully treat complaints in the area of the spine without cortisone or painkillers and without side effects.

The danger of side effects, interactions and complications, as for example with cortisone injections or administration of painkillers, therefore does not exist.

In most cases, this therapy is accompanied by targeted physiotherapeutic/osteopathic treatment and, if necessary, training/rehabilitation therapy in our practice.

The goal is to return to an active and pain-free life.


The consultation and treatment of all our patients is based on years of experience in the care of high-performance, amateur as well as recreational athletes. For decades, Dr. med. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt has dedicated his knowledge and skills to German soccer and FC Bayern, as well as athletes from all over the world. This gives us a unique experience in the care and treatment of injuries and ailments of our patients.

In our daily practice, we also use the therapeutic concepts applied to top athletes in the treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries or complaints of all patients.

We have special expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle injuries. We are able to make an exact diagnosis after anamnesis, examination and, if necessary, supplementary apparative diagnostics and to initiate a therapy tailored to this diagnosis. In this way, false diagnoses can be avoided, re-injuries prevented and downtime reduced.

In this field, Dr. med. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt and his team enjoy a unique reputation worldwide.


With advancing age, signs of wear and tear increase, especially in the large joints (joint arthrosis), but also in tendons. These can severely restrict our mobility and thus our quality of life.

The therapy concepts carried out in our practice also include cortisone-free treatment in combination with physiotherapeutic/osteopathic therapy and, if necessary, training/rehabilitation therapy, also in our practice.

The goal is the return to a symptom-free, active life.

Surgical interventions such as artificial joint replacement can often be delayed or avoided in this way.

A therapy that is individually adapted to our patients is what makes our therapy successful.

Should surgical therapy be necessary, we can draw on the expertise of renowned colleagues who, after years of successful collaboration, are part of our network.


Dr. med. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt arrived at the spine-related migraine and how to alleviate it after years of experience in the treatment of spinal complaints. For him, damage or dysfunction in the area of the upper cervical spine is almost always the cause of migraine pain.

Migraine headaches can be part of a cause-and-effect chain. For most sufferers, these headaches, which last for a long time, are almost unbearable.

Our treatment method for migraine consists of epidural and paravertebral infiltrations in the area of the upper cervical spine and the treatment of trigger points at the back of the head.

This eliminates the tensions that cause pain and thus the migraine symptoms. The feeling of pressure behind the eyes described by some patients, the impaired vision as well as the positional and rotational vertigo are also eliminated.

After treatment, migraine patients can usually leave our practice pain-free.


Our treatment method in the area of the cervical spine can also alleviate symptoms of vertigo. This can be explained by the reduction of symptom-causing muscle tension. In our experience, the pathologically increased muscle tension of the muscles located next to the cervical spine is a frequent cause of circulatory disorders in the area of the vestibular organ. If the muscle tension is released by our treatment, the dizziness subsides.


Natural therapy for injuries, arthrosis and joint wear and tear

During the healing of injured or inflamed tissue, complex and precisely regulated natural processes take place in the body. Platelets play an important role in this process. At the site of injury, they release special proteins called growth factors. These initiate the reconstruction of the injured tissue and inhibit painful inflammatory processes. ACP therapy is based on this principle and can thus support the body’s own healing process.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of ACP therapy even in mild to moderate arthrosis (grade I – III).


High energy induction therapy is used in our clinic to influence muscle tone, improve blood circulation and activate the regeneration process.

It is a painless therapy that can promote the biological healing process.

Metabolism can be stimulated and oxygen and nutrient transport can be increased.

This can even have a positive effect on the healing of fractures.

This therapy has proven to be very successful in our daily work for a variety of pain conditions.

There is no risk of toxicity, dependency and complications as, for example, with chronic medication to reduce pain.

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